Free Maggie May download with CD orders

We will provide a link for a free download of Maggie May to anyone that buys our CD's between now and the new year.  This download will be available Dec 18.

Galaway Bay Fest and Vancouver Mt Angel Concert

Photo below: Tiller's Folly was pleased to appear this year at the 6th Annual Galaway Bay Irish festival in Ocean Shores,WA. This year the festival went longer and also included a performance at the newly renovated DnR Theatre in Aberdeen were we got to perform again with our good friends The Gothard Sisters. The performances at the pub were a lot of fun especially the acoustic performances at the smaller stage at the back. (Check out the photo page for more photos.)

Tiller's really had a great weekend of playing were visited by old friends from as far away as Montana as well as Washington and Oregon. We made many new friends including lots of the fine musicians. One of the highlights was the jam with San Fran's Hounds after the last set Sunday night. Over all it was an incredible weekend and a lot of credit needs to go to Bill and Linda Gibbons at the Galaway Bay Pub. These pub owners actually love the music , How refreshing. Yay Bill and Linda!! Thanks to all the photographers for these photos, including Katherine Barrett, the Gothard Sisters, and William Swift.

Speaking of the Gothard Sisters, check out this video of us performing together at the Jefferson County Fair last August. Here's the YouTube link:

Happy Halloween see The Pumpkin Display in Port Angeles WA

Hi all check out what some friends did with our music with their pumpkin display. It is a scream. Go to

WOA releases Tranquility from River and Path CD's

Tranquillity from A River so Wide has just been released by WOA records in Goa India as part of a collection called the Chill Out Zone. sample is now here on the player and the music page The new order form on the resources page includes Bruce's new CD A Minstral in Moray. Samples are now here on the player and on the music page. Have you still not seen the video of Northern Skies yet? Why not! Sample on player. Please sign up at Tiller's Folly's facebook page THANK YOU!

Things I Haven't Done ranked 4th song of the 2009

Just Plain Folk Awards (  have just released their winners for 2009. Tiller's Folly was awarded 4th place in the New Folk Song category for "The Things I Haven't Done." which was written by the tiller's main muse Bruce Coughlan. The song is on Tiller's Folly's "A River So Wide" CD, produced by Steven Drake & Laurence Knight.
The song  features guest vocalist  John Cowan, lead vocalist of legendary roots music band Newgrass Revival, along with Los Angeles session guru Larry Knechtel, past member Eric Reed and regular drummer Chris Nordquist.

Just Plain Folks is the largest grassroots music association in the world so this is quite an honour. Things I haven't done is back on the player have a listen!!

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