Larry Knechtel leaves us

With a very sad heart Tiller's Folly would like to wish a fond farewell to one of the greatest musicians we ever had the pleasure of working with. Larry Knechtel had become a friend and we were looking forward to some upcoming shows we had booked with Larry before this tragic event. Larry's contributions to modern music are legendary as a member of the LA wrecking Crew and beyond and he was awarded the grammy for Simon and Garfunkel's classic Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Please note on our player Larry's fine keyboard contributions on both Tranquillity and Things I Haven't Done. Tiller's Folly would like send our sympathies to all the Knechtel family.

Bruce's New Solo CD released/Tranquility Featured on Goa Chillout Zone 2!

Bruce's new solo CD, A Minstrel in Moray, is now available for purchase. Please use the Buy & Hear button to the left to purchase it. You can also download the Order Form from the Resources pages to order the CD and take advantage of our special offer, buy any two Tiller's Folly/solo CDs and get The View From Here for 1/2 price!

We'd also like to update you all our song Tranquility, from A River So Wide, has been released on the Goa Chillout Zone Vol. 2 compilation CD. You can find out more at: Woa Records.

We'll have new music samples on the MP3 player (see the bottom of the page) soon!

Bruce has a new CD just about ready to go

Bruce has a new CD 'A Minstral in Moray' just about ready to go to the pressing plant. We'll get a picture of the cover up soon. You can hear some samples at bruce's new songwriting website This is a great CD by our beloved singer and guitar player. Nolan and I (Laurence) are really enjoying playing these songs and this CD was the inspiration behind Laurence buying the electric upright. Come and see us soon it's again a new show folks!! We'll get this CD on the order form ASAP

New Youtube Video of Over Northern Skies

Please visit the tiller's folly you tube site or just go to the links page and you'll be right there. This is a good performance including Laurence on his new electric upright, Bruce as usual as our songwriter and singer, Nolan on Mandolin and with our good friend Chris Nordquist on drums Lets pump up the views and make this our most watched video yet. Tell your friends and family Thank you PS our CD order form is available at the resources page at the bottom of the list

Songs on Flash Player

New samplers 1) the new song Over Northern Skies, 2) the title track from our Just Plain Folks nominated CD A River So Wide 3) Things I Haven't Done our nominated song featuring the duet of Bruce and John Cowan Please sign the guest book, say hi and let us know how you like the new website The order form for purchasing our CD's is now available at the bottom of the resources page Thank you for your continued support

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