Western Canadian Music Awards have nominated  Tiller's Folly - Stirring Up Ghosts Volumes 1 & 2  for Roots Duo/Group Recording of the Year

The group is honoured to be included in the Roots Music category alongside our good friendsQristina & Quinn Bachand for their album Little Hinges,  and Alberta-based group Pear for their new CD Vinyl.

The awards gala will take place on Sunday, September 20, 2015 at 9:00pm, at the beautiful McPherson Playhouse in Victoria, BC.

Stirring Up Ghosts - Volumes 1 & 2 (released only a few weeks ago) is Tiller’s Folly’s ninth album; a crowd-funded, double CD collection of the group’s story-based music from the Pacific Northwest.


A project of epic proportion, it took 33 musicians, a half-dozen studios and as many engineers 18 years to build the largest collection of historically-based Canadiana ever assembled.

Stirring Up Ghosts contains a total of twenty-one ballads and three instrumental tracks
composed by Tiller’s Folly lead singer and story teller, Bruce Coughlan.

While tracks are drawn in part from earlier recordings,  they’ve been entirely re-mastered by Juno award-winning producer/engineer Joby Baker, who also produced many of the newer and previously un-released songs.

Songs of triumph and adventure, of heroes and villains from the True North’s colourful past:


 On 16 Sept 1924 the keeper of the Turn Point Light noticed a small craft drifting northward up Haro Strait. The BERYL G, a fish packer turned rum-runner was discovered near Sidney Island floating with no one aboard and the cabin smeared with blood. Missing was the captain, his teenage son and their cargo of liquor.

The case might never have been solved, if not for an undeveloped picture in young William's camera, which when developed, showed a picture of the murderers!  READ MORE……


Please visit Tiller's Folly online for individual song histories, lyrics and production credits. Simply scroll down the Stirring Up Ghosts menu

“As one of the tightest, and unflinchingly focused Folk bands in the nation, Tiller’s Folly continues to produce music that is both distinctly Canadian and firmly rooted in the Celtic tradition. Songwriter and lead singer Bruce Coughlan has mined the colourful history of the Pacific Northwest with the help of curators and historians, and successfully turns yesterday’s adventures and yarns into engaging tunes built around rock-solid arrangements and outstanding instrumental interplay.” - Peter North / Edmonton Journal

Tiller’s Folly are modern day storytellers of lore, uniting past with the present. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Tiller's Folly are a critically acclaimed, internationally traveled acoustic power trio. For the past eighteen years, through thousands of performances stretching from the Pacific Northwest to The Carolinas and across to the British Isles and beyond - they have spread their memorable blend of energy, history, musicality, romance and just plain fun from small and large halls to theatres and festivals.

With nine CDs to the bands credit, Tiller's award winning productions continue to expand and refine their potent mix of acoustic & electric based, Celtic influenced Canadiana, Americana, Newgrass 'and beyond.' Tiller's Folly is Bruce Coughlan (songwriter, lead vocals. guitar); Nolan Murray (fiddle, mandolin, mandocaster) and Laurence Knight (bass, vocals). 

Over the next two years leading up to Canada’s 150th Birthday celebration in 2017, Tiller’s Folly is inviting their fans to help them celebrate a distinctly Northern perspective of our history, our legends and our culture.

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