Kathleen O’Reilly led a charmed life. She was born in Point Ellice House in Victoria in 1867 (the year BC joined the Dominion of Canada) Daughter of Gold Rush Magistrate and Commissioner Peter O’Reilly, Young Kitty possessed grace, beauty, talent & charm enough to become the toast of Victoria’s social elite.


Kitty loved Point Ellice house and although she had many courtiers, she never married. Kathleen O’Reilly died in her 78th year in the very house where she had been born.  They say the ghost of Miss O’Reilly is still present in the house she loved so well.



Kitty blushed in the full bloom of spring
Carefree and wild as a bird on the wing
Unencumbered by love’s tender strings
She lived by the Point Ellice shore


From far and wide, like moths to a flame
Calling and courting the gentlemen came
Still she bided her time, content to remain
In the house by the Point Ellice shore


There was not a one so fare
Timeless beauty and devil may care
At the height of Victorian flare
With paints, easel and garden


Oh, the scores of hearts she snared
Few resisted and few were spared
Though they pined oh, the less she could care
No one could kindle her ardour


Kitty died, a solit’ry rose
She never had wed; she’d seldom left home
Having never found love, was her heart turned to stone?
All alone by the Point Ellice shore


Many years have come and have gone
A story’s told so the legend lives on
That a maid with a blue dress on
Still haunts the house by the harbour


And there, I fear the ghost of fare Kitty O’Reilly
Will haunt evermore


Music & lyrics by Bruce Coughlan (SOCAN)
From Tiller’s Folly: A Ripple In Time CD, 2002


Bruce Coughlan: lead vocal, acoustic guitar, wood flute
Laurence Knight: electric bass
Ian Cameron: fiddle
Gord Maxwell:  vocals


Produced by Laurence Knight
Engineered by John Ellis & Eric Reed
Recorded at Red Stripe Studios, Burnaby, BC

Mixed at The Factory, Vancouver, BC.  Sheldon Zaharko, assisting.
Mastered by Jamie Sitar, Sound Suite, Vancouver, BC
Re-mastered by Joby Baker, Baker Studios, Victoria, BC.