Bonus instrumental track: Originally entitled “Jigs” this track is precisely that, a set of jigs. Calico Hills, The Bride’s Veil, Sparrowhawk & the Freshet.  Re-named “The Spirit of Sail” for the video of that name.

The video was shot in the historic Gulf of Georgia Cannery & the Britannia Heritage Shipyard in Steveston, BC by Horizon Multimedia of Steveston, BC. The Spirit of Sail video was produced to celebrate the Tall Ships Festival and features Tall Ships footage, Irish Dance & Tiller’s Folly. 



The video was featured in Tiller’s Folly: A Fine Kettle of Fish DVD/CD (2004)


Music by Bruce Coughlan (SOCAN)
From Tiller’s Folly: A Ripple In Time CD (2002)

Bruce Coughlan: wood flute, whistles, mandolin
Laurence Knight:
electric bass
Ian Cameron:

Jack Duncan: percussion 

Produced by Laurence Knight
Engineered by John Ellis & Eric Reed
Recorded at Red Stripe Studios, Burnaby, BC
Mixed at The Factory, Vancouver, BC, Sheldon Zaharko, assisting.
Mastered by Jamie Sitar, Sound Suite, Vancouver, BC.
Re-mastered by Joby Baker, Baker Studios, Victoria, BC.